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Small, Medium, and Large Tiles

The comercial ceramic tiles make the canvas for the Chinese calligraphy. The calligraphy process involves several steps and takes about 4 days to complete. Each tile is conditioned first so that the paint will adhere to the slick surface. After the character is hand painted on, the tile is brushed with layers of glaze sealant to protect the paint. A sheet of padding, such as cork or foam, is applied to the back of the tile so that it may be used as a trivet. Alternately, small hanger may be adhere to the back of small tiles for hanging. Because of the added backing, oven baking or machine washing of the tile piece is not recommended. The tile may also be displayed standing up on a plate easel.

The black paint stands out attractively against the white tile background. Other combinations, such as red or gold paint on black tile, are also very appealing. Different tile sizes are available, with the common sizes being 4"x4", 6"x6", and 8"x8".

Choose among the characters on these web pages or select your own favorite word or words to be translated. Place an order now for your very own pieces for your home or gift giving.

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Believe / Faith
Bravery / Courage
Character Dream
Eternity / Forever
Forest / Surname 'Lum'
Character "Lam"/Forest
God / Spirit
Double Happiness
Laughter / Smile
Good Luck
Luck, Success
  Patience / Forbearance
Zodiac Dragon
Zodiac Tiger
Zodiac Rooster
Zodiac Dog
Zodiac Horse / Surname Mah
Health, Harmony, Love,
Kindness, Forebearance

Horse, Grandmother,
Surname 'Wong', Family,

Confucius Saying
Wonderful Knitting

Order Form

T-4  $10.00  4"x4" Character Tile Trivet:
(please specify character)
T-6  $15.00  6"x6" Character Tile Trivet:
(please specify character)
T-8  $19.00  8"x8" Character Tile Trivet:
(please specify character)
T-12  $10.00  10"x10" Add-On Wood Plaque for Tile

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Koi Tiles and Plaques

These beautiful champion koi are featured on 6"x8" tiles, but can also be painted on tiles of other sizes. The back of the tile is covered with a foam sheet. Optionally, the tile can be mounted on a wood plaque for a dramatic look and for wall hanging.

Place a custom order to have your own favorite koi painted as a keepsake -- just provide a photo.

8x10 Shasta
8x10 Camellia
6x8 San Diego
6x8 Orange
8x6 Piedmont
16x16 Happiness
16x16 Harmony2
16x16 longevity
16x16 Harmony3

Order Form

T-112  $34.00 6"x8" Koi Tile:
(please specify koi name)
T-116  $44.00  Koi Tile with 8"x10" Plaque:
(please specify koi name)
T-120  $145.00  16"x16" Double Koi Tile Plaque
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Tile Panels And Shadow Boxes

The rectangular panel consists of up to four tiles arranged vertically on a rectangular piece of wood plaque. The multi-character design allows for the display of Chinese terms and poetic phrases. The wood plaque has rounded edges along the front face. It is primed, painted with a background color, then crackled with a contrasting top color. The entire surface is then sealed with a clear lacquer to protect the finish. The individual tiles are prepared as described above and then are attached to the plaque in one of two patterns: square or diamond. For the square 4-tile arrangement, the plaque measures approximately 6"x20", and for the diamond 4-tile arrangement, 8"x26". The smaller version is well suited for a subtle statement or a limited space. A sawtooth hanger is added to the back of the plaque for ready hanging.

The paint of the plaque may be a plain color or crackled colors. Some of the beautiful crackled finishes that are most attractive along with the characters are composed of black, red, gold, silver, grey or white in varying combinations. It is fun to paint and watch the colors interact. There is surely a color or set of colors that will fit your color scheme.

Choose among the characters and phrases you find on this website or come up with your own favorite word or words, then contact Cecilia to order your very own tiles for your home or gifts.

All's Well
Auspicious Affairs
Blossoms, Wealth & Prosperity
(Surplus every year)
Bright Future Ahead
Career Advancement
(Carp leaps dragon gate)
Devoted Father
Faith, Hope, & Love
Flourishing Business
God, Faith, Hope, & Love
Good Luck & Prosperous Affairs
Great Feng Shui
Heart's Desires Realized

Grow Old Together

Happy As Fish In Water
Happy Energy Always
Immediate Success
Laughter Always
(Laughing mouth always open)
Luck, Prosperity, &
Things Go As Wished
Peace & Harmony
Throughout the Seasons
Happiness and Health
(with custom names)
Prosperity, Wealth, & Longevity
Prosperity For Entire Family
Tranquility For Entire Family
  Serenity, Courage, & Wisdom
(Serenity Prayer)
Mah Jong
Three Characters
Mah Jong
Four Winds
Mah Jong
Four Floras
Mah Jong
Four Seasons

Order Form

T-20  $33.00 3-Character Square Tile Panel:
(please specify characters)
T-22  $37.00 4-Character Square Tile Panel:
(please specify characters)
T-30  $35.00 3-Character Diamond Tile Panel:
(please specify characters)
T-32  $42.00 4-Character Diamond Tile Panel:
(please specify characters)
T-40  $46.00 3-Tile ShadowBox:
(please specify characters)
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