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Tile Shadowboxes

The rectangular panel consists of up to four tiles arranged vertically on a rectangular piece of wood plaque. The multi-character design allows for the display of Chinese terms and poetic phrases. The wood plaque has rounded edges along the front face. It is primed, painted with a background color, then crackled with a contrasting top color. The entire surface is then sealed with a clear lacquer to protect the finish. The individual tiles are prepared and then attached to the plaque in one of two arrangements: square or diamond. For the square 4-tile arrangement, the panel measures around 6"x20", and for the diamond 4-tile arrangement, 8"x26". The smaller version is well suited for a subtle statement or a limited space. Each panel is equiped with a sawtooth hanger for ready hanging.

The color finish on the wood plaque may be plain or crackled with a combination of black, red, gold, silver, and/or white. The uniquely random outcome of the crackled finish on each panel is wonderfully pleasing and attractive.

Faith, Hope, & Love
Prosperity, Wealth, & Longevity
Prosperity For Entire Family
Serenity, Courage, & Wisdom
(Serenity Prayer)

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